Drexel Esports & Gaming Association

Who We Are

We are a student organization at Drexel University dedicated to bringing both casual and competitive gaming to all students on campus.

What We Do

DESGA hosts hundreds of casual events every term at Drexel, from Smash to Street Fighter. The largest of these event are our quarterly LANs where hundreds of gamers bring their setups or controllers and hangout and game for 12+ hours. We also organize the esports teams for every major esport at Drexel, including League of Legends, CS:GO, and more.

Our Events

Online Community

Casual Events

We hold many casual and new-player friendly events that are open to all Drexel students. These events are held throughout the year and are often on campus, though sometimes you can find us meeting online!


If your competitive itch needs to be scratched, we hold multiple tournaments throughout the school year for the major games that we can support. Feel free to reach out to the corresponding game lead or any officer to get more information on such events.

The Quartlerly LAN

Our largest event is held once a quarter; we get our members together for tournaments and casual play. The LAN is a Bring Your Own Computer event where all visitors are welcome to bring their gaming rig or controller and jam out to current and past favorite games. We supply food and drink, as well as a growing assortment of consoles, games, and VR set ups.