Heroes of the Storm


The Team

Cristian Tieso


Computer Science

I like to make games, play games, and play music. I’d like to be a game developer with a hobby of creating my own music.

Harun Gunaydin

Platinum 2

Computer Science

I’m from Turkey and probably gonna be working as a software engineer in bay area.

Jeffrey Logan Mead


Management Information Systems

This is my last year at Drexel. Normally, I avoid ranked play because for games like Heroes, it’s better to play with consistent teammates.

Joonhan Park


Computer Engineering

I am from Korea and I don’t have any other hobby than gaming. Although I only play HotS competitively I play all kinds of games (R6, WoW, Hearthstone, Fortnite and so on).

Samuel Park

Diamond 1

Business and Engineering

I used to be a competitive Hearthstone player, multiple time Legend on NA and EU servers. Peaked 4.2k SR in Overwatch in Season 4. Now moved on to Heroes of the Storm.