The Team

Keshav Krishnan

Diamond – Tank

Undeclared Engineering

Hey I’m Keshav.  I play Overwatch and fighting games. When I’m not playing, I’ll probably be hanging out with my friends in Chinatown.  If you see me, feel free to say hi!

Ryan Boman

Platinum – Flex

Material Science and Engineering

Ryan Boman is a 3rd year materials engineering student at Drexel University. He grew up in Gladwyne PA and went to Drexel for its strong engineering program.  He has been played Overwatch for 2 year and is a flex player. His strengths are with projectile and melee heroes. He is very positive and always look forward to any competition. He loves board games and is a dungeon master for D&D.

Leonid Mezhibovskii

Masters – Support

Computer Science

I’m from Moscow, Russia. I am studying at Drexel as an international student. I always liked spending time in front of the computer, I played since I was little, and started coding at a pretty young age.

Nathan McCoy

Masters – Tank

Animation and VFX

I’m from North Canton Ohio and have been playing Overwatch since open beta. I hope to eventually work within the film industry at companies like ILM or Disney.

Adam Burich

Top 500 – Coach

Computer Science

I’ve played Overwatch since release and I love the game and I love teaching and playing.

Ante Sokosa

Grandmaster – DPS

Mechanical Engineering

I grew up in Queens, New York learning English and Croatian as my entire family is from Croatia’s islands. Being bilingual helps a lot when I’m there every summer. Besides playing Overwatch, I like urban exploring, parkour, and hopping on my motorcycle not knowing the destination!

Eli Dellston

Grandmaster – Flex

Mechanical Engineering

Hi, I’m Eli I’m from South Jersey and love the beach and gaming. When I’m not studying or working as a lifeguard on the beach I play games like Overwatch and super smash bros competitively.

Hung Nguyen

Grandmaster – Manager

Environmental Engineering

Good Day. My name is Hung Nguyen. I was born in Vietnam, but I lived a majority of my life in Philadelphia. I am heavily involved on campus, but I always find time to relax and play some video games. I hope to bring esports to the main stream here at Drexel and the surrounding communities. It will be a lot of work, but I know it will be all worth it in the end.